Who is ORSAN for?

ORSAN is a womenswear fashion brand designed for fashion-oriented women who seek distinctive, stylish, trend-aware garments that flatter their shape and suit their metropolitan lifestyles. The ORSAN customer is sophisticated, mature and independent in her style choices.

How is ORSAN created?

ORSAN is designed and manufactured in Australia. The fabrics are sourced from around the world and feature quality cloth from the finest mills in Italy. The ORSAN team have approached small makers in Melbourne, regional Victoria and Perth, and draw on expertise from a number of technicians and suppliers to produce considered and beautiful garments in limited quantities just for you.

What are ORSAN’s values?

Having a unique identity that incorporates fashion trends within the parameters of the brand.
Clean, elegant and contemporary clothing for a modern lifestyle.
Taking the time to pay close attention to the detail, construction and finish of garments.
Crafting clothing that is worth paying extra for.

Who is behind ORSAN?

ORSAN is the brainchild of two friends Margaret Morris and Bruno Santarelli. Margaret has worked in the Australian clothing industry for 30 years. She has extensive design and technical expertise and has worked for leading Australian and New Zealand retailers and brands. Bruno has over 15 years’ experience in the clothing industry working in a variety of roles from sourcing and design through to production management. Together, from Melbourne and Perth, the two collaborate to create ORSAN.